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Sex Is Not The Same As Sitting For The ’10-year Series’

By Martha Lee, DHS, MA, BA

I tell my clients that sex is not the same as sitting for the 10-year series. For those who dont know, the 10-year series is a colloquial term unique to Singapore where students refer to official compilation books of examination papers for the past years for the GCE N-levels, O-levels and A-levels, approved by the Ministry of Education and the University of Cambridge Local Examination Syndicate, respectively.

One should not compare sex with sitting for a school examination, but I am just about to. When you sit for an exam, there is a model answer. We are talking about absolutes you are either right or wrong. There is a set of perfect answers and the goal is to get a hundred out of a hundred. You could do very well, well, pass or fail.

And you have guessed what I am going to say: Sex is not about that. There are no absolutes when it comes to sex. There is no right or wrong. There is rarely, if ever, a perfect lovemaking session. Sure you can have a great, fantastic, even mind-blowing lovemaking session, but it might never be perfect.

Why? Because we are all unique individuals who have different bodies, sexual responses, and preferences which (gasp!) might change on a day-to-day basis depending on many factors. These might include our stress, tiredness or fitness levels; general day at work; and even hormonal levels. Hence what you did right the last month, last week or even one day before, might not feel as good for your partner the next time you do it.

To get closer to a 9.99 out of 10 from a sexual experience, communicating openly with your partner helps; providing feedback is definitely encouraged, not to mention learning new sexual techniques through reading a book, watching an online video, or attending a workshop. Coincidentally, I believe I am the only person teaching sexual techniques in Singapore. The ladies who have attended these workshops have expressed surprise at the number of different ways to pleasure the male anatomy. Indeed, the ways one can pleasure sexually are indefinite.

So if sex is not the same as sitting for the 10-year series and there is no definitive answer, why do I get asked over and over again: Is it normal to desire/ want/ have sex X number of times a day? Is it common to do Y? What is the best way to get him or her to achieve the big O?

We are all different. There is no best way. What works with person A you were intimate with might not work for person B. Even with the same person, the experience will feel different all things being equal on a different day. The best way is what works for you and the person you are with. Ask, try, evaluate, then try again.

And remember, chill out you are not sitting for an exam.

Author's Bio:

Dr. Martha Lee is Founder and Clinical Sexologist of Eros Coaching. She is a certified sexologist with a cheapest women escort Doctorate in Human Sexuality. She provides sexuality and intimacy coaching for individuals and couples, conducts sexual education workshops and speaks at public events. For more, visit www.eroscoaching.com or email drmarthalee@eroscoaching.com.

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Baby Gender Tests for Pregnant Women

"Is it a boy or a girl?" That's one of the most common questions that a pregnant woman will hear from others and wondering about a baby's gender can give rise to intense curiosity in an expecting mother. There are now early baby gender prediction tests that claim to be up to 95% accurate as soon as seven weeks into a pregnancy about five weeks before mothers can learn a baby's sex via ultrasound.

Traditional Ways of Determining Baby Gender Ultrasound and Amniocentesis

The most traditional method of baby gender prediction involves using a sonogram, also known as an ultrasound. In the case of a level three ultrasound performed in cases where there are concerns about the baby'

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Revealing No-Fuss sex dating Solutions

On the internet Dating My First Time

Okay. I ll take a look, but I m not saying that I m going to take part in on the web dating just yet. I ve heard the good results stories as well as the horror stories about on the internet dating, but I dont have any 1st hand encounter to share with you on the topic.

What I plan to complete within this report is take you with me although I discover the different on the internet dating solutions obtainable on the internet. Brace your self and buckle your seatbelt, I m going to attempt some thing I saw inside a cartoon.

Just kidding. That s one thing I like to say to the passengers in my auto just prior to I start to drive. Perhaps

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Insights Into Key Aspects Of casual hookup

Online Adult Dating tips: Creating the initial move

On-line Adult Dating is typically cited as a fantastic way for shy individuals to extend their social circle and uncover love, but lack of self-confidence could be just as poor on the web as it is offline. For many individuals, making get in touch with on the internet could be quite a daunting process and also the worry of rejection might be just as Fuck single women Sioux Falls strong. You will find a couple of important factors to keep in thoughts for when you ve found someone you want to make make contact with with.

Standard gender roles

A number of people are never

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Ideas For Producing Excellent Profile On On-line Dating Site

Dating undoubtedly is becoming increasing trend particularly among youngsters. The majority of us are employing on the internet dating service for locating a true adore, companion, flirting or just to hang around with a person you like. Online dating web sites are keeping the enormous database of members. If you would prefer to search profiles, you should register your self with it. After initial sign-up, you happen to be needed to create your own profile, that will be added in your chosen on the internet dating site s database. In fact, profile creation may be the integral component of registration method with virtually all the top on-line dating solutions.

Writing a profile is an art and it becomes also special in the event you gonna make it for on-line dating purpose. Profile needs to be really catchy, it must also reflect your personality within the 1st spot. Profile ought to arouse temptation for other members to examine your profile and interest to contact you. That s why you might be at on the internet dating site, proper?

Blond beautiful, blue-eyed, broadly traveled, nature loving, God fearing, benevolent and exciting loving independent entrepreneur for an marketing firm looking mate for exactly the same. Maybe these couple of lines could add spice for your profile.

Following couple of suggestions could help you creating your profile a lot more genuine and inventive in major on the web dating service

1. Be optimistic

Because your profile reflects your personality, you should take precautions even though creation. It have to reflect optimistic side of ones personality. No one likes negative shades in you. Hence, you must be quite constructive.

two. Develop excitement

Make profile thrilling. Why an individual need to take interest in you in case you do not sound thrilling? This excitement may be developed by presenting list of the interests and hobbies. Be distinct and steer clear of creating it as well lengthy. Mention interests which you think would be exciting to opposite sex. Keep in mind, basic and boring profiles are over-looked many times.

3. Be upbeat

Be sure you sound like dream individual who would be enjoyable to understand. You should be the person every person is waiting for.

four. Reveal information

Mention the facts that matter most to you, so are for the dating companion. Therefore, stick to information and not http://www.nudegirlsshy.info hype. Be genuine in disclosing details. Giving any false info could minimize your chances of receiving great responses.

five. Honesty would be the very best policy

Even though filling up the columns for your personal habits and marital status, be truthful in disclosing about your height, body variety, smoking and drinking habits, and marital status. Youre also essential to upload true photo of oneself.

6. Realistic approach

While dating online, take into account that you just must discover a person who is also searching for dating. Creating profiles for whom you feel won t be responsive, is just waste of time.

7. Accessibility

Your profile must be accessible and open for others to strategy. This can open the entire new globe of contacts for you.

8. Upload photo

Profile with pictures has 15 instances much more chances for getting responses rapidly than these with no ones. Actually, profiles with pictures create excellent search outcomes in on-line dating site s databases. Its a reality that individuals choose to read profiles possessing fascinating pictures and contact them, hence do not shed the chance of locating mate just for being negligent in uploading your photo. Some on the internet dating services offer possibilities of uploading far more than one particular photograph, consequently, you might have better possibilities to upload your very good pictures in various poses. Make it well-focused, close-up shots and after that no eyes could escape seeing your profile.

To understand considerably more about on the internet dating, please do go to at http://www.datingservices-online.net

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six Suggestions For Protected Online Adult Dating

There is absolutely no doubt that on the web Adult Dating can put you in touch with some fantastic folks and also you could just wind up discovering your Prince Charming or Dream Girl because the case might be. Nonetheless, on the internet Adult Dating is not with no its risks. That is why Ive put together these online Adult Dating safety ideas which will enable you to to have a enjoyable encounter, while maintaining oneself out of harms way.

1. Your safety lesson in on-line Adult Dating begins from your profile itself. Be sure to not reveal exact individual particulars (actual name, phone numbers, street addresses and so forth) in your profile for everybody to view. For the initial few weeks you ought to communicate with other daters only by way of the message method which is available around the internet sites. This private messaging method keeps your name and get in touch with details anonymous to ensure that it is possible to get to understand the other individual without revealing your correct identity. Once you feel you realize someone effectively adequate, youll be able to then disclose your personal Go here specifics as well as setup a date. And in case you do wind up communicating with a person who turns out to become a creep (they may be regrettably unavoidable), your real identity will probably be protected.

two. Once you do set up a date with a web-based buddy, usually guarantee that you just do not ask them to come more than for your house on the very first date itself. No, you ought to not even have them choose you up at residence. Instead, arrange to meet up in the designated spot.

3. In the event you have a buddy who is also into on the internet Adult Dating, you could get together together with your buddy and have a double date. This way, you will not be alone whenever you meet your on-line friend, and you will also have a person to acquire away with in case your date turns out to become a bore!

four. Never ever ever agree to possess your first date in a private or secluded spot. You may feel that that is very fundamental tips, but you are going to be amazed (possibly shocked might be a much better word!) to know that countless men and women still make this mistake and wind up in prospectively hazardous scenarios. You ought to pick an open and public spot for the date; say a restaurant, the park, etc. Should you do determine to go to an additional place along with your date, dont get into the car with them. Take your personal vehicle or call and ask a buddy to take you there. Yes, all this may seem like too a lot trouble, but much better to become safe than sorry!

5. Avoid drinking alcohol in your first date. In case you should, be sure you have just a few drinks and no more. Ask the waiter or the bar tender to serve you. Should you have left the drink for any purpose, maybe to check out the rest area, do not have the identical drink whenever you do return.

six. Just before you leave for the date, be sure a pal or relative knows where you are going and when to count on you back. If one thing untoward does occur, you at least realize that somebody will likely be out searching for you.

Therefore, by keeping these on-line Adult Dating security guidelines in thoughts, it is possible to rest simple that you are doing all you can to protect your self. And with that be concerned off your mind, youre free of charge to go out and have a whale of a time with your new on-line date!

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Why Many Prefer On the internet Dating Over Conventional A single

Gone are the days when dating signifies courting your future spouse you met at school or within your neighborhood. Romance could blossom now having a click of a mouse.

The world wide web has turn into the ultimate haven for singles with no the drunks, the noise, and the exorbitant cost you pay to become within the bars desperately hoping to be noticed. Thanks to on the web dating internet sites, you don t need to ask your mother or buddy to help you hook up with somebody they think is best for you which in most cases, isn t.

Some might nevertheless believe inside the excellent ol standard dating. Very good luck to them. But not you. Youre smart and savvy. You understand that on the internet dating is actually a greater and faster way of connecting with other folks and receiving to know them. You realize you can t meet all the folks on the planet that might just be your excellent match. The internet expands your probabilities, widening your alternatives to meet a mate.

What are the extra motives for checking out on the web web sites?

1. The ability to easily access profiles from the simple access to a wide range of profiles. Online sites make you see numerous profiles to get a attainable match. Clicking on a person that you have an interest on is so straightforward with just a click from the mouse. Vice-versa, other folks who would also like to talk to you (and hopefully, just more than that) may also message you.

In conventional dating, you might be limited towards the social circle that you simply have. Your choice then becomes limited. In contrast to in on the internet dating, where options may be limitless, and just isnt limited within your quick circle of friends and acquaintances.

two. Most reputable dating internet sites are safe. They may be extremely certain on this region, enforcing amongst other people, a Code of Ethics amongst members, Certification that a member is single, and background check on criminal record. Check whether or not the web site has safety nets.

Both traditional and on the internet dating have their dangers, though dating traditionally, admittedly, has lesser security dangers. But you are able to never ever be too positive.

3. Youve got the choice to meet or not to meet somebody. Should you dont feel meeting somebody up, then its your selection.

Compared with on-line dating, you really feel a sense of pressure when an individual desires you to meet this or that. In case your greatest pal nags you to meet his or her cousin, how are you able to say no? In on-line dating, the choice to say yes or no is extremely straightforward.

four. The accuracy in finding you a good mate increases considering that the website has personal profiles for you to look at, character tests, and image uploads. Some web sites can even have audio and video capabilities in their individual ads.

Do not ignore these opportunities in improving your private advertisements. Other singles and potential matches will check out your ads longer should you have video or audio clips inside your ad Personals advertisements with images of youve a response of 80 percent, but ads using a video clip or audio clip (or each) possess a 97% response.

Unlike in standard dating, you get to know different sorts of individuals in just a number of minutes. You may sense someone s personality with no the hassle of actually meeting that person very first.

5. Its comparatively cost-effective and fast. On the internet dating web sites are more affordable and faster than arranging a date with somebody referred to you by a friend. In just a few minutes, your best match could possibly be accessible.

Naturally, net dating won t guarantee you an easy head begin in dating and romance. Right after all, like any forms of dating, on the web dating requires practice and patience. On-line dating has its downfalls also. Becoming on the web will not imply absolutely everyone could be buzzing about you.

That is why when you are making use of on-line dating solutions, you must take duty for the actions, and think about safety risks as well. Right after all youre spending income also income not just for connecting to the Net, but also for the minimal fees you pay for being a member in these internet sites. Net dating websites expense mainly because of two reasons: Very first, to discourage fly-by-night creeps who just lurk and are curious in cyberspace. Second, operating a great on-line dating service costs a great deal, which also includes making certain that members are secure.

You will find vast variations between standard and on-line dating, and it wouldnt hurt you trying dating on the internet.